Wildlife Gardens

We love creating wildlife gardens and any garden big or small can become a wildlife reserve. Native plants and animals need a home and furthermore they can be so beautiful and full of life. Gardens are very important to wildlife and native plants bring pollinators as well as colour and fragrance. Planting hedgerows and creating ponds are just two ways to help create a wildlife garden.

We prefer all our designs to reflect our commitment to sustainable design in addition to planting that is aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to wildlife. However we also offer a service specializing in habitat creation, organic principles and sustainable product sourcing. This service may be of interest to amateur naturalists, community habitat creation projects, local authority projects and planning permission discharge consent in areas such as national parks .

The service will follow the same format as the general design service but will also include

  • formal assessment of existing wildlife value of the site.

  • species specific planting and habitat creation

  • sourcing of seed or plants of local provenance

  • Wild flower meadow creation using seed and plug plants

  • data sheets will include organic advice and maintenance plans products from sustainable sources, recycled.

We would love to help you, your school, community or business to create a wildlife garden. Contact us for more information becuase together we can help nature and the environment.